• Oilfields, oil refineries, off-shore oil platforms, power plants, service stations, oil deposits, piers, tunnels, pumping stations, substations, military bases, etc.
  • Zone I and Zone II with risk of explosion.
  • Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22 and II A, II B, II C Explosive gas atmosphere.
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The Scout series are among the most durable, explosion-proof. Designed, tested and certified for use in hazardous locations. Our luminaires offer years of high performance lighting without maintenance, safely and reliably. They are ideal for explosive gas and dust environments, or for any installation where extreme durability is required.

Our products offer significant energy savings over traditional industrial lighting alternatives. They have been manufactured with superior components and incorporate state-of-the-art LED technology. Its advanced LED optics provide directional light, without obstacles, minimizing glare.

Whether you are lighting an oil and gas facility or a chemical plant, the Scout Series offers a proven and reliable solution for all your hazardous location lighting needs.


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